Deeper Dungeons

The Hatchery

Adventure #2 Summary

The group followed the orcs’ map to the second X, a second Dwarf Door that led to the heart of the ruined dwarven city underneath Mt Dominion. Not much left there but a maze of rubble and twisty little passages all alike. And kobolds. Hairy dog-headed kobolds and scaley ones too.

The maze was no match for Varn, Beriel, Benadon, Dhom, Jeff (!), Darrious, and Gladhymn (!!). In the end they ambushed kobolds in their lair who were gathered around a big egg on a pedestal in the process of hatching. Even though the… thing… hatched and screamed and dripped acid, the adventurers prevailed over it and the kobolds.

The walls of the kobold lair show dwarven dragon riders from a forgotten age. Is the pedestal in the center must be the “hatcher” the orcs were looking for? And if so… what next?



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