Deeper Dungeons

Darrious' Journal: Orcs and an Egg

(Thanks Devon!)

Excert from the journel of Darrious Do’Mare

My company and I set out from Reovok in search of answers to the accusations of orcs terrorising the countryside.

Upon reaching the first settlement we were forced to do battle with none other then orcs. We had won though at a cost, for we found none alive from the attack. Through searching one of the orc corpses we came upon on a crudly drawn map. The map showed the countryside where there where three placemnets “X”ed out, Where if memory serves, there are only ruins where these “X”es are.

One of the rangers, Beril, found a set of tracks leading in the same direction of Helpomir, one of the “X”. We had our heading.

We traveled for many hours, wherin we lost sight of the tracks and decided to keep heading in the direction of the nearest Helpomir.

When we finally arrived at Helpomir we found many a orc strawn about, a fierce battle had taken place fairly recently. Upon inspection of those dead, I noted a strange occurance, even though the sun was out, the dead orcs seemd to be in shadows, though there was nothing to relinquish any shade…Curious….

In the middle of what once was the town of Helpomir stood a looming archway, that was clearly magical in some way. I noticed that should we have a key we could use this device. Though we did not we still adventured in.

Once inside we were forced into yet another battle involving orcs. We Vanquished these with little effort. While we were searching we found an iron key with a blue gem at the handle, aquamarine it would seem. We also found what i desiphered as a key to the portal in the shape of an obsidian stone inlaid with blue/silver runes.

We went down the right pathway where we entered a room with a few mehirs that were cold when you stood near them. On a personal note, it was rather entertaining when Benadon touched one…oh the look on his face.

We found no other importance in this room so we carried on. As we entered the hall at the end of the room we were charged by an orc clad in armor of better condition then your average orc, and wielding a spiked chain rather proficently…We defteated him but not until after I so carelessly cast my burning hands spell on Benadon…

We decided to take a short rest as we were tired. I stood watch as I do not require sleep, though I was interuptted in my Trance by an odd darkness that filled the room. It was then I found we were under attack by these small creatures I recognised as dark creepers, after the two creatures fell by our skill a third one, the one that had cast the darkness spell fell over, with three arrows in his back.

A figure walked in and stayed in the shadows as he told that for now he Was not our enemy. The dark creepers were carrying a fairly large chest. The chest was covered in aquamarine gems and other blue gems that were clearly nothing more that stained glass. We opened the chest with a key and there was, to my suprise a Dragon egg… Dragons were not known to settle in this area for there was not much in the way of food…Curious…Inside was a note:

NokRa you clod maybe you ride dragon one day I still serve you to my worgs now take egg through stone arches they on map if you can find them you dumb animal find hatcher table altar like Snokkot have where he killt AltGor there you do ritchuel like shaman teach you first you kill everyone with you or they also ride dragon and maybe kill you so they be king there instead of you now don’t lose black rock don’t lose map don’t forget ritchuel DON’T LOSE EGG or Snokkot kill you and me or maybe I kill you first you elfspawn animal truly Gruu is watching you now

I wonder if any of this is tied to what happened to my brother….”



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